We help your business succeed.


Whether you need to have hardware or software upgrades, data migrations, or a complete overhaul of your data infrastructure. Lackey Automation Inc can assist and provide solutions that are user-friendly and increase productivity.


Custom Software

Achieve higher productivity by making your operations and data entry leaner. Lackey Automation Inc analyzes your current data workflow and implements solutions to reduce time and overhead costs. Let us allow you to focus on the growth of your business. 


Dynamic Growth

Take your business to the next level, explore automation and productivity solutions. Our technicians have a vast knowledge of business systems and include some of the best software engineers available who will figure out exactly where your business needs to change to gain substantial growth and increased retention.



get a new edge on technology

Updating systems and exploring new technology allows you to have an upper hand over your competition. Achieving streamlined data workflows, you will be able to provide your current and prospective clients the time needed to ensure excellent service. 

With automation, your computer becomes your digital assistant. Let it do the work for you. Your own personal lackey. Increase your productivity and dedicate more time to increase your retention rates of current clients and acquire new clients.



Tech Planning

Lackey Automation Inc provides solutions at your fingertips. With the world’s top software engineers and IT operations experts, we implement a workflow that saves time and reduces your overhead. We analyze data workflows where your business could be more efficient and then help you develop the path to get there.


Our expert technicians provide the results you can see. Integrations and automation are key in cutting the time and cost involved to deliver the service your clients deserve. It’s time to take your business to the next level. Let us help you achieve success.


A competitive edge allows you to create success, the first step is having a fine-tuned business system. With a streamlined workflow, your time can be used to focus on your clients. Let us design the business system for you. Improving your productivity with a user-friendly workflow.

Efficient Workflow

What if running a business was about staying in a state of flow and being able to capture the very best out of every new possibility that was presented to you?

Lackey Automations ensures you have the right tools to achieve these goals with higher productivity and increased growth potential. 


Quality Over Quantity

Our solution engineers have experience in a variety of industries, working with multiple platforms. This knowledge of design across multiple process flows achieves a proven business system.

We can provide you with a new direction on achieving higher productivity and sustained growth.